Leon at the wheel

After running late for the departure of the “One and All” trip on May 17 from Port Adelaide , Leon finally made it onboard with just enough time to jump onto the ship after a quick goodbye to his mother and his Community Mentor Vince. He was sorry that he didn’t get a chance to say thank you to Julian Murray and Neil Waller who had waited patiently to see him off. Leon has expressed to me his thanks and hopes that he didn’t have you both (Julian and Neil) to worried that he wouldn’t show up!

Leon said that having the experience on the One and All allowed him to grow as a person. He made new friends, experienced some difficulties and managed to overcome them as well.

On this trip I learnt many useful skills including team work and team building skills. It was beautiful out there on the ocean and I felt I developed new confidences. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Friends of the Paul McGuire Maritime Library who had a hand in sponsoring me for this trip. I am truly grateful and the experience and memories will be things I will remember for life.

Leon Kitek and Heidi Unferdorben, Local Community Mentor Coordinator, Department of Education and Children’s Services.